First time in 1500 years.

Opening of the Ukrainian-speaking cell in Athos. This is an incredible event.

Mount Athos is a place of pilgrimage for a huge number of people at all times. Our goal in 2023 is to hold the first ever liturgy in the Ukrainian language on Mount Athos in a cell (a place for monks and parishioners).

How did it turn out?

By decision of the elders of St. Pantokrator Monastery, the cell of St. Archangels (Falacru), founded in the 10th century.

After all, all the lands on Mount Athos belong to 20 monasteries and no one has the right to build without the permission of the monasteries.
Reconstruction assistance

Why are we doing this?

Citizens of Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers and pilgrims from all over the world will come to this cell for purification and restoration.

After reconstruction, the cell will receive pilgrims, services will be held in the Ukrainian language in the Church. A special prayer will be for the innocent dead civilians and our soldiers who died heroically defending their native land from the Russian invaders.
Help in Recovery

Kelia's chronology

This monastery was founded in the 10th century by the monk Nicephorus (Phalacro) and at that time was called the Incorporeal Forces (Angels).

The Falakro monastery was founded by the monk Nikiforos Falakro, who signed the manuscript in 991 (Archive of St. M. Great Lavra on Mount Athos). He was its first abbot.
1 039
"In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. I am Gabriel, a monk and abbot of the monastery of Archstrategist Falakru..."

these words begin the manuscript, which is dated February 12, 7 indiction, year σφμζ (6547 - 1039 AD)

1 083
From the manuscript of 1083 of the St. Xenophontos Monastery on Athos, it is clear that the Falakre Monastery belongs to this Monastery. Perhaps in the same year, the Monastery of Falakru became the property of Prota, instead of which the Xenophontos Monastery was given the area of Monoxylyt.
The Falakru monastery became the property of the St. Pantokrator Monastery on Mount Athos (Archive of St. M. Pantokrator).
The monastery of Falakru was rebuilt by the monk Cyril.
By the decision of the elders of the St. Pantokrator Monastery, which is on the Holy Mount Athos in Greece, the cell of St. Archangels (Falacru) to the hieromonk Paisius.
The start of the cell reconstruction project a year after receiving the blessing.
Reconstruction Assistance

How to help?

You can make a donation with details.

Pantokrator Monastery
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Volodymyr Tribrat

Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Friends Foundation of St. Archangels Cell on Holy Mount Athos

• Provision of everything necessary for Kelia.
• Construction control.
• Selection of trustees and investors for the reconstruction of the Cell.
"2022 has become a huge test for every family in Ukraine and for Orthodox Christians throughout Europe. Countless suffering and tears shed on Ukrainian lands. In such difficult times, the Lord gave us strength and opportunities to start a great good work — to rebuild our Ukrainian home on Holy Mountain. The project will be financed by private donations without attracting funds from state institutions."

Volodymyr Tribrat
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Thank you to each of you for your prayer support and financial assistance. The grace of God, the protection of the Mother of God and the help of St. May the Archangels be with you all.

Hieroshimonach Paisiy